Menacing Mummy Translucent Window Decorations "Double Window Design

Menacing Mummy Translucent Window Window Design
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Menacing Mummy Translucent Window Decorations "Double Window Design

by WoWindows

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  • Bring Your House To Life!
  • Illuminates with common interior lighting!
  • Easy to Hang - Window friendly!
  • Trim to fit your windows! Windows sizes from 24" x 36" to 36" x 60"
  • Easy set up, removal and storage for re-use.
  • Price: $7.00 Save: 68%
  • $21.99 List Price
  • In Stock
  • Free Shipping on orders over $35
  • Sold by What America Buys

  1. Brand: WoWindows
  2. Dimensions: 7.09 x 0.39 x 3.94 inches
  3. Shipping Weight: 0.4 pounds
  4. Item ID: upc:854236001184
  5. Item ID: ean:0854236001184
Contents: (2) 36" x 60" Posters Removable corner stick adhesive squares included. Home decor for seasonal decorating. Product consists of plastic film substrate printed with water-based inks. Packed with instructions and wrapped in a sealed poly-bag. This product is a not a toy or intended for use by children.
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Great on window....but......, February 28, 2011
Steffanie Christofore (St. Paul, MN)
= Durability:   = Fun:   = Educational:  
This looked GREAT on my window on Halloween and I got many comments from neighbors on how neat it was.
Only problem was .... when the sun hits the window the plastic stretches and then it sagged. So I would have to refasten it to the edges....Then once the sun went down in the evening it would shrink back to size and pull off the edges and come disconnected so I would have to reattach it.
Might be ok if you have a window that doesn't get sun beating down on it during the day.

The other draw back is you can't see through it, and it makes your house pretty dark during the day.
Next year i won't hang it until the day or so before Halloween night.

help me mummy, March 1, 2008
Tamara B. Varsek (Venus, PA)
Love it! Makes you look twice when you drive by... it actually slowed down the traffic. I should use it year round!

Great Picture!!, October 21, 2009
J. Williams
This is a wonderful window cling. Great durable quality of the window cling! We have people stopping in front of our house, driving by multiple times in a night, and even making a point to drive by every night so their kid can see.

Great quality of the image! Very visible in daylight and at night!

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